Deaf Community



This is the page that comes with few sub-link which you can find. 

FAQS - Questions about our site, and how did we start? 

Forums - The forum that you can have your friend to join to discuss about the varies of a topic, current events, etc. Be clean please. The forum isn't monitored and we are getting to that soon. 

Members - It's free to sign up, and we are working to improve the application to prevent the ghost members. It's for the newsletter sign up. We won't know your personal information (guaranteed!) Due to the website developer, he decided to remove the members page due to spamming, ghost/fake members. But good news is, you can follow us on Facebook! So this page is no longer function.

Deaf Events - The list of the events that is coming to your state. We need a lot of help with that, and it will be nice if you share with us. (Pretty please?)