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Deaf Community's Website Questions

  1. Why Deaf Pages?

    Well, there were a long battle on coming up with the official name since Deaf Community was too broad and we couldn't use that. Until that moment, we looked at each other and saying "Yellow Pages...something.." Bam! Deaf Pages was born. So it will consider similar to Yellow Pages but in Deaf version, neat!? 

  2. Have to pay for the membership?

    No, We don’t charge the people to join the members, it is free.


  3. Does Deaf Community have Social Network (e.t: Facebook, myspace, twitter)

  4. Is it free to exchange the link with Deaf Community?

    Yes, it is free to exchange the link with us, you can check more information- Link

  5. How can we join to become the member for Deaf Community?

    You can check this out to learn how to join to become the member– Link

  6. Can non-members receive the newsletter while not sign up for being member?

    No, they can’t get the newsletter unless they sign up for the members,  [Link]

    but they can sign up for newsletter under our blog for non-members or members – [Link]

  7. If become the member, does a picture require to add to the profile?

    Yes, for security reason.

  8. Will we know your password if you sign in or register?

    Few people asked us this question so we are here to answer this question.

    Also if you sign up on our website to become the member, we will not know your password, only emails and usernames for newsletter purpose. :-)

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